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Event by  C4UK - Corries, Cols, Crags & Caves. March 18th - 20th, 2022

The  Yorkshire  Dales Duration: 2 days. Group Another great opportunity to get out there, this time in beautiful Yorkshire! Full details to follow, but expect garden or inside camping, thanks to our fantastic host, hiking in the wonderful Herriot country, with fine foods and good pubs along the way.
£10 fee for camping.
£20 event fee.
Your travel and meal costs extra.
Sign up soon as places will be limited.
£10 non- refundable deposit please.

 C4UK - Corries, Cols, Crags & Caves
Lift sharing strongly encouraged. Fuel money an additional cost.
Merch will be available to purchase on this trip! (funky C4UK t-shirts and kit/sort bags).
 Please message C4UK privately for details of how to pay.
Thanks all and hope you can make it!

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