Kit Lists

Summer Hill walking – Lightweight waterproofs; jacket and trousers. Sun hat. Mosquito repellent. Sunscreen. Sunglasses. A warm extra layer. Spare socks. 

Winter Mountaineering – Quality waterproof jacket and trousers; don’t skimp here. Winter weight boots capable of taking crampons. Gloves and spares (glove liners / mittens ideal). Woolly hat, spare hat, spare gloves. Sunglasses if snow is expected. Goggles. Spare socks. Ice-axe. Crampons (sometimes needed). Spare head torch. Consider a flask. Bring spare food. 

Caving – Wellies. Thin layer for underneath your over suit. Spare headlamp. Snacks. Sleeping bag (most hostels have mattresses)

Climbing – wear old, stretchy or baggy clothes. Waterproof jacket. Warm jacket. Gloves can be useful for belaying. 

Always needed – Map. Compass. GPS or device if you have it. Headlamp. Knife/ penknife or multi-tool. First aid kit. Personal medication. Wash kit/ toiletries. Mobile phone and charger. All your food and snacks for the event. Dancing clothes.